Wedding Fayre

Last Sunday I stood my second wedding fayre as “Precious Petals”. Wedding fayres are a strange thing for me at the moment, for years I stood them with my husband and promoted our wedding photography business but now, after a few years of not doing any at all, I’m standing them for myself, on my own, and that’s a very strange feeling. (Despite the fact that my other half is on the table next to me.)

I come from a sales and customer service background and spent three years selling high end jewellery and watches to customers in a well known high street jewellers but somehow selling my own pieces, pieces that I put the work and time into, pieces that I love becuase they are a little part of me, just doesn’t come naturally. I’m not great at putting myself out there and saying “This is why my jewellery is great and this is why you should buy from me.”

Wedding fayres are always a mish mash of people too. There are some who are just starting their planning and so have no idea about when or where they are getting married let alone the intricacies of what they might be wearing as jewellery, then there are the ones who are so far along in their planning that they pretty much already have everything and are just there looking for that last minute idea that’s going to finish off their big day. It’s the one or two brides in the middle that might be interested in what I have to show them and finding them can be extremely tricky, when you do though it can be a fabulous creative connection.

Making something I’ve envisioned is a wonderful thing but making something that someone else has imagined, possibly for a really long time, and bringing that imagining to life for them is magical.

I was lucky enough to have a customer like that pop in this weekend, they saw me at my very first solo fayre last year and both she and her sister have become some of my favourite repeat customers. She popped in again specially to see me to talk about a few extra pieces for the big day and it’s such a nice a nice feeling to be playing a part in such a special day.

Fayres are hard and I definitely struggle with them but I’m working hard to get better at them and customers her and pieces like the ones we’re coming up with together make it worth the effort.